Thursday 4th July, 1415 - 1500

It takes two (or more) baby! - Neill O'Reilly

Collaboration is it really the best way? Does co-teaching work?
This sessions cuts through the PC commentaries surrounding collaboration and co-teaching and provides an evidence and researched based rational for empowering schools through effective collaboration.


Te Mana o Te Whānau: Barriers and Bureaucracy in Education - Keri Milne-Ihimaera

My doctoral research documented the statutory intervention at Moerewa School, and examined the whole process of statutory interventions generally in schools, very often in small, and predominantly Maori communities like Moerewa, which assault the mana of whānau and denigrate their authority to design an education that fits their aspirations for their children. The Moerewa School story is a story of a community marginalised and rendered powerless in a Eurocentric education system. At the heart of the issue is blatant racism and the contrast between the goals of the incessant march of a western neoliberal paradigm in education, juxtaposed against the aspirations of Maori for an education approach by Māori, for Māori. This workshop unpacks how Moerewa School created an environment where whānau were able to have a real say in the school, and outlines the way the school was ‘re-organised’ to enable this to occur. 


Thursday 4th July, 1510 - 1555

It's always better when we're together! - Neill O'Reilly

Collaboration and co-teaching can work, but what are the essential ingredients to empower and enable your team to be the best they can be?
In this session Neill shares practical steps leaders can take to make a positive difference for the culture, learning community and children through collaboration.


Friday 5th July, 0715 - 0815  

How to care for your body & mind in a time poor environment - Renee Sheridan

Kick off your morning with a health & wellness session just for you!  Learn simple techniques to support your physical and mental wellbeing in a time poor environment.  We’ll focus on building strong bodies & strong minds and provide tips that you can practice in the classroom and at home.  YMCA is hosting this event in conjunction with our wellness expert, Renee Sheridan.  This will be a casual group session, so feel free to come dressed in your conference attire.


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